Meeting Place at PSU for Transportation

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If a FOCUS activity requires transportation to another place, we normally meet on the PSU campus at the "Jackson Turn-around", SW College between SW Park circle drives. This is near the south end of the park blocks and the Peter W. Stott Center Sports Pavilion, Park Plaza Apartments. See a Google Map with the FOCUS meeting place marked. (You can also use this Google Map to generate driving instructions from your location to the meeting place.)

NOTE: map below was generated prior to some PSU building name changes.

Map to find where FOCus meets for rides to activities

See also the Portland State Map.

CAUTION --Picking up and dropping off at SW College St: If you are picking up or dropping off at SW College, the City of Portland has a 30-second limit for picking up and dropping off people in a "No Parking" zone. Do not leave your car. The fine is currently $85. If you need to be there longer, please find a nearby parking spot.

Parking at PSU. If you need to park while at PSU, please consult this PSU web page for parking information and cost. If no spots are available on the street nearby, or if you need more time than allowed, closest PSU parking to our meeting place is Parking Structure One located in the block surrounded by SW Broadway and SW 6th Ave and SW Hall St and SW Harrison St.